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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Princesses of the Midnight Ball

The Princesses of the Midnight Ball
Jessica Day George
Ages: 12+

In this book Jessica Day George twists and expands the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. She expertly expands it. It is placed in her own 19th Century Germany. I loved the characters, expecially Galen (gay-len) an soldier turned under-gardener who tries to uncover the secret of the worn out dancing slipper. Jessica Day George puts knitting into her story. Galen is an expert knitter and uses his skills help his solve the secret. In the back of her book she has a pronounciation guide for the German names and has the knitting patterns for the items knitted in the book. Absolutley awesome! Know, I'm not a big knitter (but I hope to be someday) and this totally inspired me to learn how to knit more complex things such as shawls. I just have to find someone to teach me. But anyone who is a fan of Shannon Hale will love these stories.

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