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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Harry Potter 7

Ages 9 and up.
I thought it was ok. Not the best of the movies as many people have been saying. I thought it was too long. 2 hours and 16 minutes without previews! About 90% of the movie was camping! The main characters were mostly Hermione and Harry. They still left out some. Like, in the book at the beginning it they had Dumbledore's funeral. At the beginning of the movie they had the wedding. I think that Part 2 will be the best of all the movies but so far the 3rd one is my favorite. For those that didn't see or read the book it was a little confusing. I read them but a while ago and I was a little confused with some of it. Like with the mirror Harry keeps looking through. Many thought it was part of the mirror from the first book that shows you what you want in life. Well, I was reading through the book and it turns out it was the last thing Sirius Black had given to Harry. It had been at the bottom of his trunk and it had broken. Harry had found it while going through his stuff because he had stabbed himself with it. Also the boy that they show in a flashback when Voldemort is with the wand maker Ollivander was Grindlewald, who was the childhood best friend of Dumbledore. In the end it was a good movie just not as good as others.
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