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-- Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just a thought...

Now I am going to debate both sides so don't think I'm for one side.

Should children be told the truth about Santa by the time they are in Secondary School?

They are old enough. If they don't know they will be teased. They will probably have figured it out by now. I think that they are old enough to figure find what is reality and what is myth. They have the right to know.

People shouldn't be crushing their dreams. They should ask to know not be told. Many people can believe in what they want. It's like religion. The child who doesn't know the truth should know the truth when they ask. You should not ruin it for them.

What do you think? I know these sides aren't very strong but hey I tried. I am not sure which side I would take. Recently I heard of a girl who in a PE class at the local middle school heard the truth about Santa; the PE not knowing she had a child who did not know the truth told it loud and clear. The girl then went home in tears and was not very happy with her parents for not telling her. The teacher was blamed. Who do you think should be blamed?
The teacher had no idea, but maybe the teacher should be more careful. Or, the parents should have thought this had happened and then they should have told the child before to protect her from what happened.
Again, What do you think?
Have a great week.
-Die Skrywer

Tonight is a New Moon. Very foggy too where I live.

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