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-- Marilyn Monroe

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What are your views?

I was recently thinking about the slow death of newsprint. Do you think that by say, 2025 newsprint will still be around. I have always been interested in journalism and I'm wondering if I'd ever get a job in the journalism business. What with the Internet and technology boom hardly anybody gets or reads newspapers. Why bother? When you can just go online and get news INSTANTLY. That's the most beautiful word, INSTANTLY along with UPDATED. I would probably get a job as a online journalist but I find it more exciting and cool if I'm write/edit for a real, paper, solid newspaper. Something that you can hold in your hands. Same with eBooks. I'd rather have a real paper book. What are you opinions about newsprint? Will it be extinct by 2030 or will it be slowly trying to stay alive in the shadow of the Internet?

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  1. We still pay to have not one, but two newspapers delivered to our door every day. AND we read stuff on-line. Interesting post!