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-- Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

So on Monday/Tuesday (12:00AM-3:30AM) there was a Lunar Eclipse. Anyone see it? Where I live it was cloudy and it couldn't be seen; but still, I looked and behold the sky was tinted a faint red. Was it just me? Was it the street lamps? I will never know for sure. But I want to hear from you. Just comment and put your first name (not last) or a nickname and your state (not city) and a detailed account of what you saw (optional). Please do it! I really want to know. Truly.

-Die Skrywer
This is the Full Lunar Eclipse of December 21st 2010.

The next will be in 2014. I'll be doing a countdown widget.

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  1. We were in Iowa?--couldn't see a thing. Didn't even try. I love your idea of a countdown widget for the next lunar eclipse. Has anyone from your family commented on this blog. By the way, it LOOKS GREAT!