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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Ok, I know this is a little late, but I just have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Royal Wedding. It was really neat to see (not to forget that the Princes were pretty awesome) Kate Middleton is gorgeous and so was her sister Pippa. I thought it was very interesting the whole title thing; how Kate would now be referred to as Catherine and how seeing as she was a commoner she would be a Duchess not a Princess. It's kind of like a modern Cinderella. Just forget the poor servant Ella. Commoner? Yes. Poor? Definently not. Cindery? No. Ella? No Catherine. She's also very modest (exept for that little see through dress at college, but hey, she was young) and a great role model. I thought the traditions were intersting too. Such as, the bride's arms could not be exposed in the Abbey and how the groom could not see the bride until she came up to him. Harry was funny when he looked back and nudged his brother and grinned. I can imagine him saying, "Ha! I can see her and she looks really good. Ha ha!" I also heard that he planned a pretty sweet after party. Did I mention that the Queen looked amazing in yellow and amazing for being in her 80's. I also liked how secret they kept the dress. "World's best kept secret!" they all raved.

One last thing--well two.

1) I watched the wedding on CNN. They had two British announcers and an American announcer, Anderson Cooper. The British announcers were having the best time ever making fun of poor Anderson Cooper whenever he got something wrong or mispronounced something. It was sad, yet funny.

2) The HATS! Oh the hats. Those were the spotlight of the wedding for me (well with the guests; the kiss was the best thing) Someday I will go to London and I will buy and wear a hat like that. I'm going to show you some hats that I thought were worthy of being shown on my blog.

This is just a collage of hats. I know for sure that the upper left corner is David Beckhams hat (they [the British announcers] were really harsh with Beckham because he didn't ever wear his top hat [how rude!] and he put his little medals on the wrong side of his chest [Oh dear! That's like putting your hand over you left heart during the Pledge of Allegiance... oh wait, you only have one heart... my bad] Poor David.) The middle of the upper row is Camilla Parker-Bowles. Her hat is pretty boring compared to what all the young hip people are wearing. Shame on her for not staying with the current styles. Now, I'm not sure but I think the middle lady on the bottom row is a good friend of William and Kate. I'm not positive but it's a possibilty. If you are a determined person who really wants to know, then go Google it and I hope you find the answer. Be sure to tell me via commenting!

The name of this woman escapes me at this moment. All I remember about her is that she had a nose job (can you tell? after they announced it, I could instantly tell and that's all I saw whenever they showed her--which was quite a bit) Her hat looked like it's going to fall off her face. I wonder what they used to make it stay. Hot Glue? Too hot. Elmer's Glue? Not Sticky enough. Ticky Tacky? It stains after about an hour. DUCT TAPE? Perfect. I'd totally use that to make sure my amazingly bizarre hat stays on my forehead--where all the cool hats are placed these days.

Here's Princess Beatrice (Prince Andrew's daughter) Isn't her hat just smashing!

I hope you've enjoyed my rather long post on the Royal Wedding.

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